Cloud-based technology offers scalable, reliable and optimised performance for tasks in enterprise applications from suppliers. The technology and information available in the cloud uses software and services connected to the Internet.

Thanks to the cloud gaming, you will be able to play instantly and continuously. Game giants believe that cloud gaming will revolutionise the way we consume video games. With, you can find out how operators are able to compete with GAFA in the world of cloud gaming.

On-demand gaming is a revolutionary technology. Many manufacturers and publishers strongly believe this as they decide to enter this promising market. As explained by, this concept consists in offering to play games without installing them, by only connecting to the Internet.

There are several cloud computing solutions ranging from the least to the most integrated. There are several private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, discover them on

SaaS or software as a service is part of cloud computing.

IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service allows the use of computing resources from the Internet.

PaaS is an efficient cloud system that is rarely used.

The Google Drive file-sharing platform allows you to use a personal and secure storage space saved in the cloud. This solution allows you to share content with other people. These personal storage spaces allow you to keep your photos and access them from anywhere, from any device. The main advantage of this technology is that it frees up your disk space. It helps you keep a secure backup of your data.

The cloud backup service stores your content in a large computer storage space. To work, you need to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. Cloud storage is a simple and a secure service that can take a snapshot of the status of your files. If needed, it helps you quickly return to a functional state of your system. There is also a tool that can save screenshots in the cloud.

High-performance cloud services guarantee data security and confidentiality.

Access control systems use extensive authentication and authorisation processes.

Visibility is one of the main challenges of cloud security.